Micro FPV Drone Racing In Tucson Arizona

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520 Whoop is a Tucson AZ based FPV whoop racing group. Racecourses are designed with a cosmic feel, featuring LED gates and obstacles with high energy music. At our weekly races, members of the group work on perfecting their racing skills, pushing their drone to the limit, and encourage spectators to join in on the fun.


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Q: What do I need to race?
A: We recommend a 65mm brushless whoop. We require fully ducted frames up to 75mm and a 1S Battery. The best bet is to join the facebook group and we can help you get started!

Q: How do I register for a race?
A: Join our facebook group. Events are posted there where you can RSVP.

Q: How often do you race and when?
At least twice a month, most of the time more than that. We race Saturdays, either a 10AM or 6PM start time depending on the venue.

Q: Can see video from a race?
A: Yes check out Perspective Image on Youtube all our races are live-streamed and archived there.

Race Rules

We run two classes if we have more than 8 pilots at an event. Enthusiasts and Advanced classes. You qualify in to your class based on a 2 consecutive lap set during qualifying rounds. During Mains in each class, pilots are eliminated till we have 4 left in the A main. First pilot to win two races in A mains wins the class. Positions 2-4 in each class are decided by points.

Track tour – Tracks are different each event. The track designer will show all pilots the track.
2 Practice rounds – Gives pilots a chance to learn the track and find their lines.
Qualifying rounds – Set your best 2 consecutive lap time. At least three rounds.
Main rounds – Letter mains for each class. Top two pilots qualify into the A main. Pilots in B and up mains race in elimination rounds with two pilots bumping up till we have the top 4.